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 Marbella, Málaga, España  Fuengirola, Málaga, España Until 20/01/19
 40060 Toscanella BO, Italia  Pordenone PN, Italia Until 31/12/18
 Pordenone PN, Italia  40060 Toscanella BO, Italia Until 31/12/18
 Meda MB, Italia  Arcore MB, Italia Until 16/01/19
 Arcore MB, Italia  Meda MB, Italia Until 16/01/19
 Milano, Italia  Merate LC, Italia Until 01/01/19
 Merate LC, Italia  Milano, Italia Until 01/01/19
 Rapallo GE, Italia  Casarza Ligure GE, Italia Until 04/01/19
 Casarza Ligure GE, Italia  Rapallo GE, Italia Until 04/01/19
 Stabio, Svizzera  21010 Castelveccana VA, Italia Until 06/12/18
 21010 Castelveccana VA, Italia  Stabio, Svizzera Until 06/12/18
 Empoli FI, Italia  Via Cassia Nuova, Roma, Italia Until 29/08/19
 Via Cassia Nuova, Roma, Italia  Empoli FI, Italia Until 29/08/19
 Firenze, Italia  50068 Rufina FI, Italia Until 01/01/30
 50068 Rufina FI, Italia  Firenze, Italia Until 01/01/30
 Rapallo GE, Italia  Sestri Levante GE, Italia Until 04/01/19
 Sestri Levante GE, Italia  Rapallo GE, Italia Until 04/01/19
 Turin, Italy  12051 Alba Cuneo, Italy Until 04/02/19
 12051 Alba Cuneo, Italy  Turin, Italy Until 04/02/19
 26100 Cremona CR, Italia  Casteggio PV, Italia Until 01/12/20
 Casteggio PV, Italia  26100 Cremona CR, Italia Until 01/12/20
 09039 Villacidro VS, Italia  09038 Serramanna VS, Italia Until 31/12/20
 09038 Serramanna VS, Italia  09039 Villacidro VS, Italia Until 31/12/20
 Mestre, Venezia, Italia  Bari, Italia Until 30/09/19
 Orbassano TO, Italia  Ivrea TO, Italia Until 30/05/19
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