RoadSharing portal will cease service on 30/09/2021, the site will be shut down and will no longer be accessible.
Users are invited to consult the information useful to them before closing the service.
After 09/30/2021 all personal information will be deleted except when their conservation is not necessary for the purposes required by law.
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How many people use alone their car for work, study or else, even several times a week? is an easy way to find someone to share a trip with, is a meeting point between those who offer and those who look for a lift and it is the best way to save money, pollute less and meet new friends! on Facebook
Florence, Italy-based website, where travelers can arrange share rides for free, has seen a huge spike in traffic from travelers trying to get to destinations all over Europe.
Autre solution, le covoiturage. Les sites traditionnels comme l'italien ou le français demeurent un bon moyen pour arriver à destination moyennant une modeste participation financière.
The UK Foreign Office is advising Britons to travel to Calais - but that is advice for stranded people desperate to get home. If you were to go for that, however, you could do worse than try and hitch a ride through